Testimonial from Mr Chong Quek Kwong of Bedok Reservoir:
"Miss Ang is a diligent and caring teacher who aims to develop in her students an interest in the English Language. Under her guidance, my daughter, Mun Rong's English phonics has improved tremendously. She also develops an interest in the language. We are very pleased with her progress."

Testimonial from Mrs Joanne Ang of St Patrick's Garden:
"Two months into the programme, Keith's reading has improved tremendously. Now he will attempt deciding new words and enjoys reading more. I give thumbs up to Miss Ang for her dedication and her ability to provide bite size challenges to him. Keith looks forward to his class every week.
When my second son Kieran, is ready for phonics program, I had only Miss Ang of Sunrise Montessori in mind. She had impressed me with her dedication and patience in teaching young children. My elder son, Keith had benefitted from her program 4 years ago and till today, he still loves reading.
Kieran too, has developed reading habits and has been able to read independently since going through her phonics program."

Testimonial from Mr & Mrs David Ng of Villa Marina:
"Our son, Jed was four years nine months when he joined Sunrise Montessori. He could not read and also has little interest in reading before that. However, after four months into the phonics programme, he now begins to read simple words and gains an interest in reading. Thanks to Miss Ang's professionalism and dedication."

Testimonial from Mr Desmond Low of Marine Crescent:
"Jasmine's English has improved in leaps and bounds ever since she started attending Montessori Phonics conducted by Miss Ang. She can pronounce more words and even attempts to pronounce difficult words.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Ang for giving Jasmine her guidance, care and teaching her how to speak English beautifully."

Testimonial from Mr David Tiew of Marine Terrace:
"I would sincerely take this opportunity to recommend anyone to take his or her child to this class. My daughter has really seriously improved a lot within a very short period of weeks and months. She now can really speak comfortably well in English. She can even pronounce them in a very correct and proper manner when given the words.
Now I am very pleased with her results and will sincerely give FULL recommendation to anyone to this phonics class."

Testimonial from Mrs Chew Poh Choo of Jalan Damai:
"Before coming to your Phonics Programme my son was very slow. Now he can speed up the spelling and read faster than before. Your environment is very good. I also recommend to my friends, neighbours and colleagues. A right choice."

Testimonial from Mrs Tricia Seah of Marine Terrace:
"We prefer small group learning so that my daughter, Renee will be given enough attention. Your commitment also assures us that we can rely on your teachings. After three months into the Phonics Programme, it has helped Renee in her reading. She is able to recognize and read simple words. She is now confident to pronounce the sound of the letters A - Z in a phonetic way. I am quite sure that Renee is able to read before she enters Primary One. Teaching method is firm and is able to instill discipline in a child. No regrets so far."

Testimonial from Mrs Yeon Soh Tin of Eunos Crescent:
"My child cannot read on her own before she is enrolled into your Phonics Programame. The lessons over here are very comprehensive. She can now read well with expression. She can now do her work on her own and I just do the checking. Environment is conducive. A choice well made. I would recommend this programme to my friends because it is very good and beneficial to children."

Testimonial from Mrs Irene Tan of Marine Crescent:
"I was recommended by my cousin, Mrs Shirley Chua to your Phonics Programme. I heard that neighbourhood kids who are with you have experienced improvement in their kids' reading skills. My child now tries to decipher words in the blends that you have taught her. Confident that you will be able to guide her and before the year is over, she should be able to read. The environment is excellent and conducive. My child truly enjoys her time with you. Sophie is very enthusiastic and very keen to go for her lessons. I would recommend this programme to my friends."

Testimonial from Mrs Florence Yeo of Villa Marina:
"Miss Ang is a warm, dedicated and experienced teacher. Her effort is really commendable and we are very thankful to her.
My 5-year old child has shown an interest and love in reading. She would try to pronounce words that are not familiar to her, using her phonetic skills, and her school spelling is as easy as "ABC". We are very proud of her achievement.
A child's reading skill is very important to his/her success in school and work. We strongly believe that the reading skills that my child has acquired from Sunrise Montessori will make her a confident and competent student when she enters Primary One next year."

Testimonial from Mrs Yeo Kheng Kiong of Joo Chiat Walk:
"Language is human's communication tool. To be fluent in English is very important. Thus, I enrol my child to the phonics course in Sunrise Montessori to enhance his interest in learning English. Todate, he is able to read his story books and even pronounce simple words from the English papers. Thus, we as parents are no longer worried as he is able to read confidently and no longer fearful in English Language.
Thank you for your teaching and guidance in the phonics course at Sunrise Montessori."

Testimonial from Mrs Jean Lim of Chua Chu Kang:
"Before my son is enrolled into your Montessori Phonics Programme, he is not able to read at all. But now after a few months into your programme, he is able to decipher words whenever he comes across which give my husband and I so much pleasure. Although the distance is a bit far, we are willing to send our son to your place because you are a very good teacher. Your patience and guidance have been commendable and we are very happy with his progress. I have been telling my friends about the effectiveness of your phonics programme."

Testimonial from Mrs Shirley Wong of Marine Terrace:
"I am very grateful that Jia Kang has been taught by you. You have taught him how to read and the joy of reading which will benefit him a lifetime. Thank you very much. Jia Kang and I want to thank you for being kind in all the ways that count, for nuturing our minds in just the right moments. Thank you for all the caring, for all the thoughtful things you do. Thank you for all the sharing, without you we would not know what to do. With our sincere thanks, Happy Teacher's Day."

Testimonial from Mr & Mrs Woon Cheng Peng of Villia Martia:
"The one year that our son, Benedict has spent attending your Phonics class is undoubtedly a fruitful one. With the foundation that he has developed as a result of your guidance, we are confident that this will stand him in good stead as he progresses to Primary 1 next year. In fact, he surprises us on many occasions by the accuracy of his pronunciation of English words and also his ability to spell new and unfamiliar words. We feel that this basics is key to developing greater interest in the language later and using it well. Your patience and kindness made him looked forward to and enjoyed every Monday evening lessons with you. We will not hesitate to recommend this programme to other parents. Thank you Miss Ang."

Testimonial from Mrs Fiona Aw of Bedok Reservoir View:
"Dearest Miss Ang, just want to say a big thank you for being such a great teacher to Siyu and Zheng Yu! To them, you are not just a Phonics teacher, but someone loving, kind, and caring who showers them with love and attention, and who teaches them to love God and Jesus even more than they have already been taught. Thank you for loving the children from your heart and may you continue to have a rewarding and fulfilling teaching career ahead, inspiring the many children who will come your way."

Testimonial Mr & Mrs Andy Gue Kia Wee of Punggol Field:
"Prior to joining Sunrise Montessori, Ning was learning phonics with another enrichment centre but we decided to withdraw her due to the slow progress and frequent disruptions caused by the changing of teachers and the introduction of new students. In my search for a replacement school, I stumbled upon Sunrise Montessori and decided to give it a try. At first, I was skeptical of the way lessons are conducted as kids of varying levels are combined together during the same lesson, but having seen my daughter's progress, it has won me over. Over the past 2 years, Ning has progressed to become a confident and independent reader. All this is attributed to her teacher, Miss Ang who is a dedicated, caring and strict teacher, who shows great passion in her teaching. Looking back, I felt that I've made a right and important choice in my daughter's preschool education."

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